January 14, 2008

More than half is better than none.

  • Laundry? SO not done
  • House break-ins? Well, the door is totally broken now, so I shouldn't ever have to do THAT again. Please don't come rob me.
  • Coffee? Of course I got that right. What is one without one's priorities?
  • Possessions? Moved. Currently being rained on.
  • Kids to school? Yep, early for once.
  • New carpets? Fucking teases. 3rd time in a row new carpets promised, delivery failed. Grrr.
  • Doctor? Not helpful. Not one little bit.
  • Hot date? Better than hot. Made up for rest of it.
  • Dentist? Will it never end? I'm considering dentures.
  • Find kids floor? Going right now.....


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